Buy and get 4 years warranty & extra 3 year warranty – free

Philips LongerLife Xenon lamps allows you to drive with confidence thanks to a warranty that lasts up to 7 years. Equip your car with Xenon LongerLife bulbs and you can drive without the worry of lamp failures. Philips LongerLife lamps automatically come with a 4 year warranty. Simply register your purchase online to extend your warranty by an extra 3 years for free. You can feel safe for the next 7 years.

Standard 4 year warranty

Philips LongerLife Xenon lamps offer high levels of quality and safety. From the date of purchase, you will automatically receive a 4 year warranty for free.

Extra 3 year warranty - free

Xenon LongerLife lamps have a longer lifetime than any Philips Xenon lamp. To give you total peace of mind, you can get an extended 3 year warranty for free by registering online.Simply register your Xenon LongerLife lamps and follow the underneath 3 simple steps.

  • The perfect long-lasting Xenon lamp for your car
  • Original equipment from the inventor of Xenon
  • Philips car lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass
  • Philips car lamps are highly resistant against humidity
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Warranty conditions

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3 years extra warranty for free in 3 simple steps

1. First, confirm you have a genuine product by checking the warranty CoA code on the Certificate of Authenticity sticker.


When you purchase your Xenon LongerLife lamp at the garage or if you purchase it at retail shops, always ask for the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) sticker or keep the packaging part containing the CoA sticker. Keep this sticker with your warranty.

Product authenticity

It is always our highest priority at Philips to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who choose to buy genuine Philips products. To guarantee the authenticity of Philips products, it is our policy to sell all our products in genuine printed boxes that bear our Philips Corporate identity. Furthermore we have decided to equip our genuine packaging with “authenticity seals” (Certificate of Authenticity – COA).